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Luxury property in France

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' We bought our first property in France, through Horizon's sister company, Alpine Property Investments, so when it was time to invest again, this time in the South of France, they were the first ( and only ! ) company that we spoke too. As ever Lesley and the team, were a huge help to us, providing lots of useful information, both before, during and after our visit and we wouldnt hesitate in recommending them to other people and have already'

Mr and Mrs S - Stockbridge.

' When we first started to look at purchasing our villa in the South of France, I am the first to admit that I was very green about the buying process in France ! I need not have worried as the team at Horizon Property Investments spent time ensuring I understood exactly what was happening and really held my hand throughout the buying process. No one ever promises that the process of  buying a property is going to be fun, but they certainly helped in making it as straightforward as possible and actually I can say I really did enjoy working with them. A big thanks from me and my brother. 

Mr A+C James - Cheshire

' I have been a property investor in France for quite some time, and have a small portfolio of properties already in Paris, however working with Horizon Property Investments has been the most straightforward of all the property purchases I have made. Steve was on hand to answer all my ( many ) questions at any point in the day, making me feel he really understood me as a client, and how I liked to work and I shall certainly be knocking on their door again, when I make my next purchase, this time in the South of France. Thanks everyone, especially Steve, for you time, dedication and commitment, it is truly appreciated.

Mr Carlisle - London