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Grimaud, Var

Grimaud is a Medieval village overlooking the beautiful bay of St Tropez and thanks to its perched location,offers superb views of the surrounding hills also. History is around every corner, and is evident in so much of the proud architecture of the village, some dating back many centuries.

The interior of the village, has been thoughtfully restored, but not to the extent that it distracts from the original charm. And despite its close proximity to the bright lights and glamour of nearby St Tropez, Grimaud in fact has a reputation as the wealthiest village in this part of France, which given the significant investment of money in property in this area, is quite a statement, and testament to Grimaud’s understated attitude.

Grimaud, Var Grimaud, Var Grimaud, Var

Some of the village houses date back to the 15th and 16th century, many still featuring the ancient style stone walls, whilst others have been restored and proudly display the pastel colours of Provence


Grimaud, Var Grimaud, Var Grimaud, Var

Coming forward to the more recent past, the areas major feature is its Port, where the renowed architect Francois Spoerry, saw his ambitious vision for a ‘lake-dwelling’ village come to life. Today Port Grimaud, is one of the most visted places in the whole of France, where along its 12km of quays can be found gardens and ‘fishermen’s houses and boats are moored. A true architectural success of the modern era. 

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