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Monte Carlo Casino The Principality of Monaco is an independent city-stage, west of the French Cote d’Azur and home to many European celebrities and wealthy entrepreneurs alike. What makes Monaco such a draw is the fabulous climate, the unarguable glamorous lifestyle and significantly important, tax-free income, as well as close proximity to one of the world’s most famous royal families. Monaco is a country crammed full of the seriously wealthy, there are more millionaires per capita in Monaco, than anywhere else in the world, no wonder the principality exudes the sheer opulence it does, which of course goes hand in hand with it having the world’s most expensive real estate.

For those visiting Monaco, who want to see for themselves some of the glitz and glamour on offer, need look no further than the multi million Euro yachts on display in Monte Carlo harbour. There are a number of well-known annual events that draw residents and visitors to Monaco each year, which include the Tennis Masters Series in April, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May and festivals such as the Monte Carlo Opera, the Spring Arts Festival or the awe inspiring fireworks display during the Monaco International Musical Fireworks competition, which is held every summer Monte Carlo has gained somewhat of a reputation, albeit incorrectly, for being the Capital of Monaco, however there is a conflict as to whether Monaco does even have a capital, with some claiming it as being Monaco-Ville, which is perched on top of the rock of Monaco, with others believing Monaco does not actually have a capital. However not many would argue as to what Monte Carlo is most famous for and that is its Casino, its luxurious hotel and designer shops.

Monaco View The weather in Monaco is superb all year round, with the principality enjoying nearly 300 days of sunshine, but to enjoy it when the crowds are not at their peak, then Spring and Early Autumn is the time to head there. As Monaco does not have an international airport, then the best way to get there is via Nice Airport, at less than 14 miles away, where a train straight to Monaco can be boarded

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