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You could spend every holiday in France and still not feel like you have visited the country in its entirety. For many years it has been and continues to be, the most visited country in the World, due to its abundance of historical treasures, hugely picturesque landscapes and cultural dynamism that makes it so unique.

The wonderful glamour of Paris, makes it the ideal centre piece for the country, which matches any other country is might be compared too, in terms of ambiance, uniqueness and sheer number of tourist attractions on offer. But the real significance of France and what sets out its beauty from so many other countries, it’s the endless list of travel treats on offer elsewhere. France has everything to offer with white sands, turquoise blue seas, wide open countryside and huge mountain ranges. It is a land that has inspired artists and artisans, rebels and revolutionaries, gastronomes and Historians.


In terms of where to go, what to do and see, France is crammed full of wonderful options, depending not only and which part of the country you visit, but the time of year in which you vist. From soaking up the sun on the superb beaches of the Cote d’Azur, to the amazing scenery of the Loire Valley or the eye watering heights of the mountains of the Alps, France truly has something to offer everyone and rightly proud of this fact.

Of course there is much more to France that the sheer magic of what the guide book leads you to appreciate. It is a country with a strong and proud ( and sometimes not so proud ) history, which helps define the France that exists today, from its politics, language, diverse multi-culturalism and a strong sense of its own identity. Looking at its historical timeline, even briefly, there is everything from Joan of Arc, to Louis XIV, Napoleon, and De Gaulle, one understands what the fascination is with the country.



It has been estimated that over 150,000 Britons now live in France and that up to half a million own second homes in this very beautiful country. All ensuring the love affair with French Property is very much still alive.